Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nanny Day

Some days feel like Nanny Days.  When my mother was still alive, every day was a Nanny Day.  I would talk to her several times a day.  She would ask me a thousand questions within the first few minutes of our conversations.  She always wanted to know all the details about everything that mattered to me.  I could really use a Nanny Day.

Some days feel like Nanny Days especially when one of us hurts.  If Nanny were here, she would take the hurt away.  One thing she would never stand for is someone she loved feeling down, sad, or hurt.  She made it her personal goal to keep a smile in everyone's hearts.  My daughter got her 4 wisdom teeth pulled this morning.  She awakened from the anesthesia very emotional, and she said, "This should be a Nanny Day."  Of course, her Nanny would have been right there to make her feel all better.

Some days feel like Nanny Days.  I am recovering from the flu.  Kids who come to school sick usually share their sick germs with their teachers and classmates.  That's why as a parent, the most thoughtful thing we can do for our children and their teachers is to keep them home when they're sick.  So I began my much needed Spring Break in bed with chills, fever, cough, and body aches.  Nanny would have called several times a day to check on me, offering to bring me whatever I need, but she had to care for me from her special spot in Heaven.  I feel better today, but I still feel like I need a Nanny Day!