Sunday, March 6, 2011

When a Woman Prays 

When a woman prays
God listens and lives are saved
If my mother, Gloria, had not prayed for me
Teenage pain would have shrouded my certainties
And my hopes would have died in the fists of my enemies

When a woman prays
God sends angels of protection and mercy to work
If generations of Big Mamas had not prayed for change
There would be no integration in education
or an Obama Inauguration

When a woman prays
God opens doors and children are spared
If our sisters had not prayed while clutching church pearls
Birmingham would have lost more than 4 little girls

When a woman prays
God creates divine order and nations are changed
If our daughters had not prayed
In the South, we would have stayed
And a Great Migration would never have been made

When a woman prays
Leaders are created
lost jobs are reinstated
Treasures are found
And queens are crowned
Gaps are closed
prolific writings are composed
Children leave protected
And family traditions are respected
Lost teens come home clean
And going to college becomes routine

When a woman prays
The addict’s veins refuse the past
God is answering what every woman has ever asked...
“Dear God, comfort, lead and guide
Keep your angels at our mother’s side.
Help our husband’s minds to stay on you
Protect our sons in all they do.
Show our nation’s leaders the right choices to make
Our fathers and daughters, don’t ever forsake.”

God touched my heart as my eyes shut
And He answered me with clarity,
“You have to keep praying no matter what!”

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