Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things That Make My Blood Boil (new items added)

Maybe it's just me and my lack of patience, but there are some things that really make my blood boil!

1. When a non-black person joins the internet dating service, "Black People Meet" and expects other blacks to want to meet him/her.  It's just dumb.  That's what EHarmony is for!

2.  Someone talking on their cell really loud in line anywhere where it's inappropriate.  And when I turn and look at them, I can't even get eye contact because they're so caught up in their conversation.

3.  When someone says I'm expecting too much of someone else.  Hell, everyone expects too much from me and I strive to do it all so why can't they do the same?  LOL...I'm just sayin

4.  When someone's blinker is blinking for 5 minutes and they never turn.  When they finally turn, it's the opposite direction!

5.  When a parking meter only takes QUARTERS.  Money is money!  And don't most people NOT have quarters?

6.  When a bill collector asks me if I can get a payroll advance from my job in order to make a payment on time.  Duuuhhhh, when your job has furloughs, they don't have money to give IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!!!!!

7.  When I come home from the grocery store, finish making pancakes, and realize there is no SYRUP!  Who didn't remind me before I went to the store?

To be continued...
8.  When I hold the door for someone going inside a building and they don't acknowledge that I could've let it slam in their damn face!

9.  When I'm in the grocery store looking for something on the shelf, with only a little space between me and the shelf, and someone walks in front of me and gets an item off the shelf!!! 

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  1. OMG, #9 happened to me just yesterday at Trader Joe's. I glared at the woman and said, "So I guess you don't see me standing here?". She turned, looked me up and down and walked off without so much as an apology. What happened to common courtesy?!?!