Saturday, July 31, 2010

if u cn rd ths thn u r smrtr thn a frst grdr

What does it take to be smarter than a first grader?  I have some issues when people who can't spell publicly display their inadequacies and deficiencies.  Some of you have seen my collection of writings that were taken from the educational realm that I work in.  Some of you have heard about the terrible errors presented to educators, not from their students, but from their leaders.  I would like to include this type of debacle in the teaching section of my blog.  If it's something I find in public view, I will try to capture photos and share.  If it's something I hear or read, then trust me when I present it to you in writing.

Finally, I will not share commonly misused/mispronounced words that have their roots in slavery.  We have learned that many of these forms of English were the result of the West African slave trade, and they are really not "mistakes" but they follow a rule-governed system in language.

The following examples have nothing to do with slavery!  I hope you aren't fans of these errors!!  :-)
  • Is "supposably" a word?
  • How hard is it to know the difference between it's and its?  Does anyone know the purpose of the apostrophe?  When in doubt choose "C" not "apostrophe!"
  • Cindy Nail  (This is the sign of a nail salon, but I guess you only get one nail polished or possibly you may purchase a nail and hammer)
  • Cigarettes and Tabacco -Sign on Manchester Ave. Do they mean Tobacco or Tabasco? I'm not sure!
  • Saw a truck with a painted panel for his business that said "Hany Man Hauling and Repairing" OMG isn't it easier to spell "handy" than "hauling and repairing?"  Or was his name Hany?


  1. I hear you and it's really scary when you get notes from teachers who need a grammar overhaul. What bothers me too sometimes is how people pronounce words. Hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes - but it pushes a button to hear theatre pronounced like thee-a (long a) ter,,,,probably stems from high school where I was in the performing arts curriculum. LOL

  2. Dear Mrs. Joy,

    I am sorry to hear that Tutu passed. I am also enjoying middle school, which is very rushed,in my opinion, because we are on such a tight schedule! We are always busy! There is always something that needs to be done which is good!(We have one teacher for two subjects,except your elective and P.E.) I also am making a lot of friends, because last week on Wednesday, I injured my ankle, by twisting it, so I got plenty of attention! So how is your new set of students?! Are you nervous? Do you already have some cold spikes, and warm fuzzies?

    Your Previous Student,
    Makaela L. Maier

    P.S. If you are wondering how I found you, it was through Facebook. (Yes, I know,"Why in the world does an 11 year-old girl have a Facebook. My mom and I agreed that I could not have any BOYS as friends. I love how passionate you are in your poems! By the way I go to Palms Middle School! Love how big the campus is! Hope to have a chnce to come visit!